Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Westfold crafted items

Whoa, I managed to get ingame! After ~6 hours of waiting in queue for patch and then another few hours trying to log ingame I finally saw the awaited loading screen - and went straight ahead to my tailor's and metalsmith's guild halls :)

I was mostly curious about how do the new crafted items dye. I was disappointed only in one case, the heavy chestpiece. I am so sorry this beautiful cosmetic cannot be dyed other than default colour, while just metallic shines would be perfectly enough :( But other cosmetics are mostly promising. Unfortunately, I didn't have very big choice for models - my metalsmith is a woman and my tailor is a hobbit lass, but at least you will see the cosmetics in a nontraditional way :)

All items are dyed red, to show (un)dyable parts.

heavy armour craftable from metalsmith guild
Armour/Helmet/Pauldrons/Gauntlets/Boots of Théodred 

medium armour craftable from tailor guild
Combat Armour/Helmet/Pauldrons/Gauntlets/Boots of Théodred

light armour craftable from tailor guild
Assault Robe/Hat/Pauldrons/Gloves/Shoes of Théodred

cloaks craftable from tailor guild
Wizard's/Ranger's/Warrior's Cloak of Théodred

shields craftable from metalsmith guild
Assault/Combat/Battle Shield of Théodred

As for me, I give a huge thumbs up especially for perfectly dyable light and heavy chestpiece, as well as the amazing cloaks. I couldn't resist doing a hobbit outfit using the chicken cloak - it made the lil' hobbit inside me dance :) However, in the next days I will try to create a little more serious outfits - I already have quite a few movie inspirations planned with which I've only been waiting for RoI to come out :) Stay tuned!


  1. Medium armour - uh, here comes spiderman?

    And the center cloak... Anybody else who was spontaneously reminded of the Jägermeister logo?

    (see at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%A4germeister - I think the TV ads make it more obvious, though.)

  2. the cloaks are more funny than serious, but this also makes them useful cosmetic pieces - i love the chicken cloak, my friend whose characters are named after different kinds of beverages will love the Jägermeister one :)) the chicken cloak is surely gonna become a signature piece of one of my hobbits :)

  3. See I love the Jägermeister style cloak.. I feel it would make a nice cloak for an elf :)

  4. I bugged the heavy chest not dyeing during beta. I guess it wasn't a bug... :(

  5. Hey, those heavy craftable ones could be quite... dwarvish. :-)

  6. brrokk indeed, i'm going to work on thorin oakenshield inspired outfit using the armour of theodred, it's like prepared for a dwarf to wear :)

  7. I believe the cloaks reflect the Dunlending clans - Falcon, Stag, and Ox.

  8. "I believe the cloaks reflect the Dunlending clans - Falcon, Stag, and Ox."

    Yeah, but still... Frey says it's a chicken. And if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's also a chicken. :) :P

  9. Eongor the Horse-lordOctober 6, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    Can't buy that heavy helm anywhere! And none of my kin mates "doesn't have time" to craft it -.- and right now constructing my Rohan outfit

  10. the heavy helm is currently still very expensive - the guild recipe to craft it requires a sigil (T7 shard; currently worth ~9g on my server), a large guild crest craftable once per week only and also cooldown on the item itself. as a result, the helmet sells for 20-30 gold easily.

    i don't have all metalsmith recipes so it might be available from non-guild craft as well - can any pro metalsmith advice? :)

  11. Eongor the Horse-lordOctober 7, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    Well there isn't any in auction on Silverlode. I don't care about stats, I just need the same look as that helm.


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