Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maddened chicken


After the terrible nightmare she couldn't wake up from for several hours, Brewbelly finally rose out of her sleep for the final call to depart to Dunland. Feeling great urge to get straight into the battle, she equipped the most flamboyant attire she found in her wardrobe - maybe she won't be disguised as a minstrel, but she'll surely have some fun!

Chest: (Vibrant) Combat Armour of Théodred, red dye (T7 crafted) 
Hands: Amarion's Padded Gauntlets, crimson dye (Quest: A Collar for the King)
Feet: (Strong) Combat Boots of Théodred, olive dye (T7 crafted)
Back: Wizard's Cloak of Théodred, red dye (T7 crafted)


  1. I'd go as far as saying the cloak motive is an owl, not a chicken :p

    No complaints otherwise =)


  2. it's a chicken, and the maddened chicken will getcha for your impudence! >:)) (just kidding :D)

    thanks guys :)

  3. Ha good to see the Runekeeper's Evendim gauntlets have made it to another part of the game. Now every class will be able to get them!

    Frey, it's time to get questing and crafting and make some real screenshots again. Enough of the previews already!! :D

  4. hymne shhhh, of course i'm going to quest, but i had to set my priorities (like - cosmetics first :D). i'm lucky we have public holiday tomorrow, muhahahaa >:)


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