Saturday, September 10, 2011

Petition for keeping old Robe of Viisaus

Hymne informed on her blog that the Robe of Viisaus has been changed in RoI beta. I feel it's very bad news, although the new version is also pretty (for someone maybe prettier than the old one).

"Old" Robe of Viisaus is the most untypical piece of chest cosmetics when it comes to texture and dying. It has violet shines and dyes very intense, which made her one of the most used cosmetics for deep black and deep crimson outfits.

Please see Hymne's screenshot of the robe's RoI version compared to my elf wearing the old one:

The ornaments on new robe are much more visible, there are no violet or blue shines and the belt is rather flat - the old one looks more "3D" or plastic to me. Both robes are pretty in my opinion, but I would be much happier if a new cosmetic was created for the updated version. I would definitely like to see the current appearance of Robe of Viisaus available after the update.

I created a petition on official forums - if you share my opinion, pretty please, go there and add your comment. Hopefully if enough people express their feelings, devs might eventually keep the old appearance ingame.


  1. Arrgh, if they do that I might have to redo Brrokk's "off-duty" outfit. It took ages to get the boots the right colour, too!


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