Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest: Ithon Dulac of Riddlemark


How long has it been since I had started to travel with these Rangers of the North, which a portion of my own blood has descended from? It has felt like an Age has passed since, yet the reality knows it's been a fleeting moment in history. My once near zealous pride in being a Barding has faded, at the actions of the Dunedain. I once searched to learn from their ancient lore out of curiosity, and now that knowledge has become ingrained as my own. They have honored me, by adopting me as one of their own. In return, I shall honor them by dressing in their manner and bearing their star proudly.

Ithon said about his outfit: Originally, this cosmetic before Update 5 was simply my lore-master's cosmetic he wore into battle. The rewards from Vol III, Book 5, Chapter 1 combined with reading the words there, I took as an inspiration. My old battle cosmetic seemed to blend rather well into making a custom Grey Company's uniform with a decidedly fitting lore-master look. The shoulders and the parts of the armour just under them, give the impression of the raven cloak's wings continuing on past the cloth. The Dunlending's jacket and boots dyed black replaced the Grey Company's cosmetic gear for providing a unique look while helping the impression of the wings for the back. The Grey Company's hood and gloves complete the outfit, giving the impression of the Grey Company's full cloak and wearing the Dunedain stars openly. All of this with the Weathered Raven summoned makes for a fitting Lore-master in my eyes.

...and I can do nothing but agree :)

Note: These screenshots were taken in Bullroarer and everything there is still subject to change. These items should go live with Update 5 this December.

Chest: Dunlending's Hunting Jacket, black dye (Dunland reputation barter)
Head: Fine Grey Company Hood, black dye (Quest: Volume III Book 5 Chapter 1)
Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets, default dye (Quest: Volume III Book 5 Chapter 1)
Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of Determination, burgundy dye (World drop; shares appearance with Elven Soldier's Shoulder Guards - T5 crafted)
Feet: Boar-hide Boots, black dye (Dunland reputation barter)
Back: Cloak of the Raven, grey dye (Fall festival)


  1. i adore this outfit, and love the way you mixed brand new unreleased pieces with older RoI and even SoA gear. i'd be proud to host your submissions more often! :)

  2. Thank ye.
    I'm still working on my white outfit, trying to figure out which pieces or version I like best. The hard part is making it look unique from all the others that use the new Dunland Light Armour cosmetic from the quests though.
    Currently, I'm just trying to see which shoulders I like the best with what I've got currently.

  3. ithon!!! its me arathour from riddermark the hunter im glad to see you as dunedain like me hope to see you on riddermark


  4. Magnificent first screenshot! Gorgeous outfit.


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