Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maeglaz showing off his Legolas-inspired outfit!


Do you remember Legolas inspired outfit I've created based on Maeglaz' wish some time ago? I was very surprised and excited by all the positive comments this composition received on both blog and forums. But the most important feedback I received came from the "wisher" :)

The most immediate feedback in e-mail really made my day :) "YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWW I'm sooooo excited for questing now! :D Soo happy, thanks a lot Freyyyy!" Reactions like this make me very happy I've ever started this blog and doing readers' wishes :)

A bit later, Maeglaz sent me screenshots of his character wearing the outfit. He commented:
"Hello Frey, I thank you again for that wonderful outfit, Maeglaz loved it too! He persuaded me to take some screenshots of him while we were in Isengard depths…. The shots weren’t really pleasant…. Well what do you expect! Saruman doesn’t want people around taking photos of his slaves!!! Anyway, I hope we can find a way to get the heck out of that place…"

This was exactly a month ago, when I had a break from my blog, so I hope Maeglaz already found his way out of horrible Isengard prison :) Cheers and thank you for great feedback, I really appreciate it!


  1. As a great Legolas fan I can confirm: this looks great :)

  2. what is he using in the shoulders?


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