Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There and back again :)

Dear readers,

as always, when I take an unexpected break from blogging, I want to apologize. Past weeks were quite full of excitement for me in both work and private life, so I didn't have much time for LOTRO. Last week I finally managed to play and leveled my minnie, Brewbelly, to level 75, so she joined Freyjuska in my personal hall of fame (at least for this update :)).

Before the break, you voted in poll about new RoI cosmetics. Results aren't unexpected, considering beauty and distinctiveness of the new cosmetics Turbine pleased us with :)
This poll started before Rise of Isengard was released, so we can see some "haven't seen them votes", but in general it's pretty clear that you guys love the new cosmetics the same way I do :)

A new poll for the next two weeks deals with festival cosmetics, as we received new treats as part of Fall festival :) Again, I myself didn't have much chance to participate in it, but I had some tokens saved from last year which allowed me to buy the new horse and cosmetics. Please let me know you attitude to festival cosmetics in general, not only regarding to Fall festival.

So my question is: Do you like festival cosmetics? I'm curious! :)

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