Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Update 5 armour sets (SPOILER ALERT)

Yesterday you had a sneak peek at Volume III Book 5 epic questline rewards, today you can see preview of new Armies of Isengard armour sets, thanks to Jadzi!

Heavy sets (first three are purple, last three are teal):

Medium sets (first three are purple, last three are teal):

Light sets (first three are purple, last three are teal):

As you can see, sets again don't differ in appearance based on class - heavy classes share armour look and the same applies for medium and light armour wearers. There will be 6 sets for each class (3 purple which will be easier to acquire, 3 teal ones gated by the new raid) and those differ in small design details.

What do you think of these armour designs? Tell us in comments!


  1. Well, personally, I'm quite impressed, particularly after the shock I received when logging into Bullroarer when it first opened and seeing the placeholder cosmetics that were there at the time. I'm probably going to end up getting one of the purple medium armour pieces just for cosmetics, 'cos those are just awesome looking. I'm a little unhappy with the light robes, since they follow the style of robe we've been seeing in Dunland, and frankly, that style looks rather ugly on male Elves. Also, it would be nice if the teal sets could be dyed, though maybe they will be dye-able when the update goes live.

    If you can get onto Bullroarer before it closes again, you might want to do a quick post with the new shimmery versions of the Draigoch cloaks! =D

  2. Wow, these are actually really nice. All the heavy armour sets are really awesome! The first and last medium ones are nice, and the second from the right light armour is really nice too.

    Totally going to use these.

  3. not really too impressed, im gonna stick with my cosmetic now, looks more tough and angry

  4. I love them and wish I had level 75 toons that could wear each class but only a medium armour hunter that raids at the highest levels. Pity I like the heavy and light armours the most. Guess that is an incentive to work with my alts.

  5. Hmm, I was wondering if all of these oufits exist for every class (I mean all he heavies for a heavy class), so eg. if the first is the set for the blue trait line, the second is for the yellow, etc.; or if the first is eg. the captain's set and all of his sets looks the same way and the second is the champion's... etc.
    Hope to get this question answered.

  6. I really appreciate that turbine has finally made an armour cosmetic that looks great on both female and male toons. In the past it seemed to be either flowing robes that seemed styled entirely for the slender female elves, or bulky steel that only looked good on male race of men toons. Thanks for addressing this turbine :)

  7. The armour is class specific as of update 5.1 all the teal hunter sets look like the 5th from the left in the medium (middle) armour picture. Very disappointing for my main which is a hunter after the Helegrod horned helm, the Draigoch with skull codpiece and now the nun like habit of the ROI set... I am hating hunter raid gear it seems like Turbine is punishing the class.

  8. In retrospect, they really shined up those teal sets, didn't they?

    1. indeed they did, I especially love the light shoulder pads. pity I don't group up at all nowadays, so I can't barter them :(


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