Friday, November 25, 2011

Guest: Tomori Greybeard of Riddermark


Tomori Greybeard, a dwarven minstrel of the The Westfold Marshals (kinship on Riddermark server), has always admired the free spirit of mariners. They might be just greedy merchants with no sense of higher good for the Middle-earth, but they get to explore the rivers up to Belegaer (Great Sea) and generally enjoy a lot of adventures. Tomori decided to dress like a corsair himself. It's always good to have such a dangerously looking pirate on your side (as long as you can keep your pocketses safe)! :))

Chest: Ale Association Robe, black dye (Ale Association reputation barter - kindred)
Head: Mariner's Hat and Eyepatch, default dye (Talk Like a Pirate Day reward)
Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of Vigour, black dye (world drop)
Hands: Gloves of the Helmingas, default dye (Isengard pre-order)
Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard pre-order)
Back: Cloak of the Ale Association, black dye (Ale Association reputation barter - kindred)
Shield: Dwalin's Shield (Quest: Vol. I, Book 7, Chapter 6: Thrór's Hammer)


  1. Thanks Frey! And posting on a holiday weekend too! That top picture makes him look so fierce, but being a minstrel, he is a sucker to help anyone that needs it. In fact, we started an all-mini kinship called 'The Dread Pirate Minstrels' this past week, and we are already at over 30 members in a few days - all minis! All ready to help!

    I'm wearing the same outfit still, but I've dyed the cloak and robe crimson now to more match the red in the Ale Association goat mount.

    Thanks again - I'm following you on your new Twitter feed!

  2. 'The Dread Pirate Minstrels' - i'm totally loving it :D that's an amazing update :)) perhaps you could take a kin picture and post it as a group outfit - i'd be proud to host it :)


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