Friday, November 25, 2011

New blogs about LOTRO cosmetics - volume 2

Rate: It was still hot summer when I presented new LOTRO outfitting blogs - the time has come to bring you more, as a very skilled fashionistas have joined the blogosphere recently!

Savs, a player of Evernight server, started blogging just few days ago and she already has nice bunch of very high quality outfits on her blog! If you are interested in seeing fresh new inspirative ideas for your wardrobe (and you know you are ;), visit LOTRO Savvy Cosmetics blog!

Another new joiner to our community is Nyvaine of My Precious LOTRO Outfitting. She has been posting a lot on official forums and decided to collect her new creations on the blog. So far she concentrated mostly on very efficient, yet beautiful and original winter outfits - those of you who voted "I don't have a winter outfit" in my poll should definitely go and gather some inspiration there! :)

Tip: You can find these links altogether, as well as other LOTRO related links, in right side panel of this blog.


  1. wowzer, thank you for posting this :O
    much love! <3 Savs

  2. hey thanks for the post.

    keep sharing!!

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