Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wish: Courageous and noble warrior


This outfit was wished by Vikuuta, level 38 champion of Firefoot more than two weeks ago. It is an example of outfit which doesn't contain any quest rewards - only not bind-on-acquire items, which can be crafted or purchased at any level and equipped cosmetically via wardrobe. Basically, if you have gold or good friends (or both :)), you can wear it from level 1 (more or less - after you can access the wardrobe) until level 75 and it looks pretty good in most colours.

Vikuuta asked for following criteria to be met by his outfit:
  • Armour should show the metal parts, but still show the colour of the armour
  • Colour of the armour:  grey (the metal), green and, if possible, some details in gold
  • A helmet that doesn't show the face of the warrior
  • Some big boots
  • Some giant shoulder guards
  • Some big gloves, too

I sent Vikuu the first design:

...and I was really surprised by his amazing reaction, he loved the initial design very much and didn't want to change anything! But I myself wasn't still confident that this outfit is something that would really make him stand out in the crowd, as he wanted to.

I played with other cloaks and gauntlets. I didn't want to change the boots, which might not be big and badass looking, but it was my purpose. I wanted to make them "disappear" and kinda compensate for the upper part of the outfit being very broad. This way, the whole body creates a V-shape so typical for well-trained warriors.

I sent Vikuu the variations of gloves and cloaks, as well as colour switch - I tried Ered Luin blue just because of the noble feeling to it. And voila - to me, it clicked absolutely!

Vikuu liked it very much also and agreed blue one is better, because it adds to the 'warrior' feeling. However, he also mentioned beautiful symbolics he wanted to express by colour of his outfit - green being the colour of courage. So in the end, we decided to show you, readers, both variations :)

It might take Vikuuta some time until he gets all the pieces necessary with the help of his friends, so he asked me to publish his outfit with screenshots of my character. I hope we will be able to update this post with Vikuuta's own screenies soon!

Please let us know you opinions on the outfit :) Do you like green or blue version better?

Final result:
Chest: Elven Soldier's Armour, Ered Luin blue/Rivendell green dye (T5 crafted)
Legs: Elven Steel Leggings, Ered Luin blue/forest green dye (Heavy armoursmith vendor in Rivendell)
Head: Strong Westfold War Helmet, Ered Luin blue/forest green dye (T7 crafted)
Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards, Ered Luin blue/forest green dye (Medium armoursmith vendor in Thorin's Hall - only the one near the throne sells it)
Hands: Resolute (or Sustaining) Gauntlets of the Galladhrim, Ered Luin blue/forest green dye (T6 crafted)
Feet: Defender's Boots, Ered Luin blue/Rivendell green dye (T3 crafted)
Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld, Ered Luin blue/forest green dye (Store)


  1. The cloaks you paired with the blue set are rockin'! I like how the helm and shoulders go together too. Great job!

  2. Ah! Those shoulder guards are just right for the outfit project I was telling you about in-game last night!

  3. Ah awesome! I've been working on a similar design for my level 27 captian, because when I first saw that helmet I ran off straight to the AH :P Thanks for posting this, I've been struggling with shoulders and gloves, although would you mind telling me the name of the gold gauntlets in the middle where you're experimenting with different gauntlets?

  4. yeyy thanks much for comments guys! :)

    brrokk: lol, didn't really think of those even though i was just dying them when talking to you :D might really with, dunno if they wouldn't make a dwarf too broad though.

    paige: those are gloves of the golden wood, T6 crafted medium :) i'd be happy to see your final result! :))

  5. I really love both these outfits, definately going to use one i just have to decide which colour! Had the shoulder guards a while from the store, they're fab <3

  6. Dwarf looking too broad is a feature of the project! I've sent you my result now.

  7. very well-done outfit. might be my number one choice for heavy class


  8. worth noting that an easier way to get the gloves (or identical appearance ones) is bartering for 4 medallions of moria as part of purple the heavy sets at shadowed refuge

  9. Very easy set to construct, as it has no barter items, only craftable :)

  10. love the look i think some more plate based pants or boots would be better imo. but thats just me


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