Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest: Nik of Laurelin


Burglars usually wear black - it's just part of their nature. Sometimes, they struggle with dilemma how to make it look both mysterious and noble at the same time, and to make the whole outfit also practical. Nik doesn't have any of these problems - his outfit is classy, well-fitting and very "burglary". I bet no decent hobbit lass or lad would overlook him riding the dark glowing steed :)

Chest: Reinforced Leather Dunland Jacket, black dye (Dunland quest)
Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman, black dye (Dunland quest)
Hands: Ornate Gauntlets of the Dunland Swordsman, black dye (Dunland quest)
Feet: Polished Boots of the Dunland Shieldman, black dye (Dunland quest)
Back: Cloak of the Durin's Crown, black dye (Moria pre-order)

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