Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watch out for change of helm design in Update 5

Most of us love the design of Polished Helm of the Dunland Shieldman (available under different names as quest reward in RoI). Some of the items having this design are most likely going to be "fixed" with Update 5, according to reports from Bullroarer

Current look on live:

"Fixed" look on Bullroarer:

According to Linwen on the forums, there is still at least one helm having this design: The Hardened Steel Dunlending Helmet. However, some of the others, including Polished Helm of the Dunland Shieldman changed.

As most of us picked the first helm with this design available and discarded the others, I'm writing this post mainly for people who are still leveling or have alts close to the top levels. If you are interested in the original chainmail knight design above, keep Hardened Steel Dunlending Helmet in your inventory.

Note: All of this is subject to change - it's still possible the Polished helm won't be changed at all. But I wouldn't rely on it.

Update: Hoooray! Avon from Turbine let us know in this post that it's really a bug and our beloved helmet won't be changed. Three times hooray! :)

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