Monday, July 18, 2011

Burning arrows


Noone can ever deny elven mastery with the bow. The best sharpshooters since the times immemorial are a legend and veterans of the second age's War of the Elves and Sauron are still living inspiration to all hunters in training. Manequithir is not that old - he hasn't joint wars until the War of the Last Alliance, where he was still just one of many good, but not greatest young bowmen. His skill has developed a lot over those hundreds of years since then and although he is still young and rude, he now belongs to the elite. Face him as his enemy, and experience your last seconds alive!

Background note: I couldn't resist publishing Ardran's and my outfit on the same day - I got his guest submission just few hours after I finished my red elven hunter's composition. So we can call today as day of hunter's love with two very similar outfits published at the same time :) We are looking forward to your opinions!

Anyway, have you guys ever noticed the cute little bear head on the belt of Leggings of Orod-Na-Thôn? :))

Chest: Arrow-fletcher's Jacket, red dye (Mirkwood/Lothlorien level 60 hunter purple set)
Legs: Leggings of Orod-Na-Thôn, crimson dye (world drop; available also from Rivendell's Heavy armoursmith)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Swift Arrow, crimson dye (Mirkwood level 65 hunter purple set)
Hands: Footman's Gloves, crimson dye (T6 crafted)
Feet: Footman's Boots, crimson dye (T6 crafted)
Back: Cloak of the Silver Birch, crimson dye (Store)


  1. Your elf looks good! I really like his hair style and his face is sweet! Why does mine always look so stern and haughty? I think I will have to remake my male elf. He's in a disposable character slot anyway so he's in real danger. I want to look like your elf and will come and raid your inventory for that chest piece and shoulders too :P

  2. thanks for compliments, manequithir (called after manny quinn = manequin from 2 and half men :D) is now even more proud of himself than he usually is.

    anyway, i still think he looks gay. sorry for all the elf players out there, but turbine should really do something about the elf posture. really, the only masculine pose i found is the one on this picture in the middle - i literally spent 30 minutes waiting until he does it in the dressing room preview window :D (i'm not aware of the respective emote available)

    about the chest and shoulders - unfortunately they are bound :( so you have to make your own hunter, luckily these pieces are not truly hard to obtain for a level 65 hunter nowadays :)

  3. My hunter is only lvl 22... long ways from that kind of gear, if ever. I have a minstrel and champion at max level, and my wish is to one day have a captain there too because I love to play the class, and perhaps a burglar because they have the most awesome class gear in the game (have you seen the burglar Northmen gear? It causes me to drool when I see them walking around 21st) So I don't think my hunter stands a chance...

  4. i have a hunter and a minstrel, but my minnie doesn't have any of the beautiful pieces :( she is happy she managed to get 4/6 annuminas set, which is pretty ugly tbh :D

  5. I really like this combination. The hunter chest looks really nice dyed red. All the pieces fit really well together.


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