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"There came a time near dawn on the eve of spring, and Lúthien danced upon a green hill; and suddenly she began to sing. Keen, heart-piercing was her song as the song of the lark that rises from the gates of night and pours its voice among the dying stars, seeing the sun behind the walls of the world; and the song of Lúthien released the behind the walls of the world; and the song of Luthien released the bonds of winter, and the frozen waters spoke, and flowers sprang from the cold earth where her feet had passed."
Tale Of Tinúviel (The History of Middle-earth)

Lúthien is the archetype of all minstrels - pure and alluring. Most probably not a single minstrel  currently alive in the Middle-earth could compete with her beauty and skill. Sidgrid does not even try to - but she attempts to keep the same virtues as Lúthien had. She thinks a minstrel should inspire her companions to the greatest deeds done in the best intentions, and that there is always light at the end of the darkness.

Chest: Cotton Armour, gold dye (T3 crafted) 
Legs: Quilted Leggings of Courage, white dye (world drop) 
Hands: Scout's Gloves, gold dye (T6 crafted) 
Feet: Elven Leather Boots of Fleetness, white dye (world drop) 
Back: Swan-Cloak, white dye (Store)


  1. The yellow on white makes me smile and think of the first daffodils of spring.

  2. This is lovely. Actually the simplest of crafted items are all really beautiful. Obviously the design of the original armour pieces was done with a lot of care and attention for detail. You made it look very feminine in gold. /cheer!

  3. thank you guys!

    i was also very surprised by look of the cotton armour in gold. it's quite pretty in every colour, but when i dyed it gold, i suddenly thought "whoaa" :)) very nice piece indeed and i'll use it more from now on.

    and lydia, i made this outfit after watching S04E03 of true blood, so it's a little fairie based - if you happen to watch the series, you'll laugh :))

  4. very nice one! think i'll have to copy this :)


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