Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest: Mydion of Windfola


Mydion comes from the Dale. When he was a young child, an Easterling party crossed over, killed his father and enslaved him, his mother, his two baby brothers, and his eight sisters. His family was sold to a wealthy noble household in the East where they worked as servants. His mother, being a seamstress, was called upon to buy materials and make clothes for the noble household, and the whole family worked making outfits. Growing up in an environment surrounded by women and clothing, Mydion gained great appreciation for good style, and developed a commendable fashion sense - so much so, that the jealous men out East would tease him for his "fruitiness". As Mydion entered puberty, the master nobleman decided to take teasing to the next level, and threatened to make Mydion a eunuch. The threat of going under the knife motivated Mydion to run away.  He caught various rides with traveling merchants and wound up in Archet. The rest is history.

Mydion wants to become a righteous champion and has decided to join the War of the Ring in order to become stronger and find his family out East and free them.  He hates Easterlings, and is fiercely protective of his "family jewels" to this day.

Chest: Dragon-Scale Breastplate, default dye (Helegrod level 65 champion epic set)
Legs: Dragon-Scale Leggings, evendim blue dye (Helegrod level 50/60 champion epic set)
Head: Worker's Helmet, evendim blue dye (Quest: Opening the Waterways)
Shoulders: Wilg-Herthar, default dye (drop from Carn Dum)
Hands: Sterklofi, default dye (drop from Carn Dum)
Feet: Gangalengi, gold dye (drop from Carn Dum)
Back: Torahammas' Cloak, evendim blue dye (T5 crafted; recipe drops from Carn Dum)


  1. Really nice. Love the color choices. :)

  2. me too, and i was very surprised how great the torahammas' cloak matches the champ set - like they were made to match :)


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