Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How do you design your outfits?

In the last two weeks you were asked to tell us how do you usually design your outfits. Do you start with a style, a colour, or some particular piece which you build the outfit around? Here are the results:

I chose the "Around colour" option as I usually start designing an outfit in a mood for some particular colour combination. Of course, some of my own favourite outfits came out from readers' wishes, because they were not solely my designs - I had creative help of the askers :) But colour is usually my starting point for my own creations.

For the next two weeks I'm interested in finding out what kind of posts do you like the most on my blog. Number of pageviews shown among popular posts is one thing, but actual opinions on them are another one :) Do you like guests submission the most? Brand new unique creations? Outfits based on your wishes? Or outfits inspired by LoTR or other pop culture characters? Let us know! :)

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