Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wish-based inspiration: Loki


Today I prouldy present you common creation of me and my fiancé, Loki. We've been playing MMORPGs together for over 6 years now, 4 of those we spent in LOTRO. He's had a big playing cooldown recently, because he missed a darker side of the game. I tried to persuade him to resume playing a lore-master he loves, but he decided to create a new character to go through the whole way again. This lore-master will have his dark side properly presented, including a well-tailored outfit ;)

Picture of Loki by Marvel

Six years ago, when we started playing our first MMO together Lineage II, we both picked our nicknames after deities of Norse mythology - Freyja and Loki. Loki was god of trick and mischief who was known as troublemaker in Norse myths. My fiancé wanted this to be reflected in his character personality as well as attire. 

We have tried countless combinations of many armour pieces in all dark colours one can think of. When we were just desperate enough, we noticed Visage of the Goat in the store - pretty unusable piece for any outfit, except for the situation when the Marvel's horned depiction of Loki suddenly popped into our minds :) The Ajokoira northerners armour pieces nicely added the spirit to the Norse god inspired outfit. And here is the result.

We were aiming for something unusual which not everyone might like, especially in a game like LOTRO. But we are very curious for your opinions! Let us know in comments :)

Chest: Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour, crimson dye (store)
Legs: Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggins, crimson dye (store)
Head: Visage of the Goat, crimson dye (store)
Shoulders: Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads of Knowledge, crimson dye (T6 crafted)
Hands: Hall Defender's Gauntlets, crimson dye (store)
Feet: Elegant Leather Boots, crimson dye (store)
Back: Flames of the Deep, crimson dye (store)


  1. This is the second outfit I've seen that managed to use that strange mask, so congrats! Really good composition.

    I am working on a "darker" outfit for my Rune-Keeper, to hopefully match that Skeleton Painted Horse that is almost a year old now.

  2. I think the outfit works well. As a girl, I had a book that included a story from Norse mythology. In the pictures Loki was drawn in a red robe, so I've always thought of Loki in red :)

  3. Sooo...the mighty Lokhard has fled back to Middle-Earth (for those not privy into the matter, the original home of his is in Telara - RIFT)! :)

    Too bad. I was hoping to kick his Bahmi $*!@ soonish! :D

    To be a bit on topic: the outfit is surprisingly good and fits the character well; has some kind of weird impish mischief drawn all over that mask.

    If i'm not mistaken, the Barrow-downs heavy gauntlets have the same (or almost the same) visuals. Just in case someone doesn't want to spend those precioussessss [read: TP] on Store-powered™ gloves.


  4. No worries B, Telara is my home :) But M-E is my shiny summer house for the times when all rifts are closed and my Bahmi wants to smoke some pipe with friends.


  5. I think the Visage of the Goat works really well for the theme you were going for. You did a great job :)

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