Saturday, July 23, 2011

New blogs about LOTRO cosmetics!

Today I noticed an interesting source of traffic to my blog in statistics and decided to find out more. And I was happy to discover there is a new LOTRO cosmetics blog!

It's hosted on LotRO Stylist: Russian edition and the author is Miss Rosier. There are some very nice outfits already, even with recommendations for the best matching horse to each of them! I especially like the Tom Bombadil inspired outfit. The blog is in Russian only, but we non-Russian speakers can user Google Translate to read (and pictures are pretty enough for inspiration anyway :)).

Another blog I've been a follower of recently is Lydia's Lotro. Lydia is doing and excellent job doing a series on low level outfitting, starting from the very beginning with each class' startpieces! She also takes some amazing screenshots of Middle-earth and maps journey of her characters. I definitely recommend visiting this blog as well!

Cheers girls :)


  1. Thanks! And greetings from Russia! ;)

  2. yeyy you're welcome, and keep up good work :)


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