Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guest: Ottor of Snowbourn


Ottor, a champion devoted to the Free People's cause, has recently discovered that he is distantly descended from the people of Númenor and so is entitled to wear the White Star. He received his armour as a gift from people of Evendim as a reward for his great deeds in the area. He appreciates it very much, because it protects him well but doesn't weight him down with huge plate pieces. He will march to many battles in this finely forged armour!

Chest: Chestplate of the Northern Star, navy dye (Wardens of Annuminas reputation)
Legs: The Climber's Legs, navy dye (Quest: Warning: Evil Giants)
Head: Helm of the Eglain Defender, navy dye (Quest: Elders in the Shadows)
Shoulders: Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads, default dye (outfitter vendor)
Hands: Leather Gloves, navy dye (outfitter vendor)
Feet: Boots of the North-drake, evendim blue dye (world drop)
Back: Linen Cloak, default dye (T2 crafted)

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