Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiration: Éowyn, Shield-maiden of the Rohirrim


"While the Shield-maidens of Rohan were rarely called to war, they were nevertheless as well-trained and versed in the arts of battle as their male counterparts. This book tells the tale of one such Maiden caught in unexpected battle, who in striving to defend her Lord against a great onslaught, sang out in clearest tones a stirring song of war as she fought. Such was the power of her voice that even the Orcs whom she faced saw her not as a frail woman, but as a great warrior to be feared."
A Shield-maiden's Song, Guardian class quest

For this inspiration I chose the very model for all Guardians in game and one of the most significant Rohirrim warriors, Éowyn, daughter of the House of Eorl. She referred to herself as a Shield-maiden of Rohan, and was even called so by Aragorn in the movie. We also saw her protecting Merry from the Witch King of Angmar, which we all know is a great deed requiring a lot of bravery. This is my tribute to Éowyn's guardian skills.

Chest: Hauberk of the Helmingas, default dye (Isengard pre-order)
Head: Thick Steel Helm, dark green dye (T3 crafted)
Hands: Defender's Gloves, umber dye (T3 crafted)
Feet: Steel Boots, grey dye (T3 crafted)
Back: Plain Cloak, rivendell green dye (Outfitter vendor)


  1. I always like your LOTR-movie inspires outfits. Very nice!

  2. The helm is perfect! I always find the head slot to be the hardest :)

  3. thank you :) actually, some of helms in lotro are love-or-hate. my friend told me this outfit is well done, except for the awful helm :D

    anyway, i would love to see the same helm i used but with ringmail in the back part - the same as eowyn wore in the movie. maybe i just overlooked it, but i couldn't find any.


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