Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest: Rythelliana of Elendilmir


Who has ever said that heavy armour cannot be feminine? Rythelliana decided to give you the proof it can. A little rose can give feminine accents to every female warrior, no matter if she just strolls around the town or battles the Watcher itself.

Chest: Elven Soldier's Armour, rose dye (T5 crafted)
Legs: Elven Soldier's Leggings, rose dye (T5 crafted)
Head: Survivor of the Watcher, rose dye (Quest: Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 13: The Watcher in the Water)
Shoulders: Elven Soldier's Shoulder Guards, rose dye (T5 crafted)
Hands: Elven Soldier's Gloves, rose dye (T5 crafted)
Feet: Elven Soldier's Boots, rose dye (T5 crafted)

1 comment:

  1. This is how its done, folks!
    No tricky pieces, no 'exotic' Store items, every single one - well, except one - coming from the same crafted set. Pure, simple, beautiful.

    I think my hobbit warden is in love...
    If it was up to me, maybe i'd change the shoulderpiece and/or gauntlets to something with 'lighter' looks but then again, that might kill the original thought.

    All in all, great one!

    Also, kudos to Turbine for making it possible. There are real gems to be found in SoA.



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