Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sparkling secrecy


A hobbit lady has recently stopped at Bird and Baby along with her husband. While he was spending his afternoon tea talking to the merry company of Jack Lewisdown, Owen Farfield and Carlo Williams, she was just relaxing near a fireplace, watching patrons and observing hobbits talking. "Who is this mysterious lady?" all the Shire has been whispering ever since. Will they find out?

Note: I used the brightest white dying items I know ingame for this outfit. I couldn't even take screenshots outside during the daylight - here is a screenshot of sparkling dress and hood on the sun :)

The next upcoming outfit on the blog will feature hobbit lady's husband, a decent elder hobbit in formal attire.

Chest: Elf-queen's Dress, white dye (store)
Head: Hood of Night, white dye (Halls of Night cosmetic)
Back: Cloak of the Shining Star, white dye (Anniversary item)


  1. Oooh that's very nice!! Will try this on Hymne! :D

    1. Thank you guys. Since your the best.

    2. I think so too. Music is what special.

  2. thank you! as active minstrel, i'm sure hymne will shine up our server! :))

  3. Wow, this is indeed a very sparkling outfit! It's beautiful :)

  4. The blinding glow of this outfit in direct sunlight almost reminds me of a literal representation of Moria armor when it had radiance on it. I always imagined (and this is a bit dorky) that gray-con mobs didn't attack my champion back in the day because she was just so dazzling in her radiance armor that they literally couldn't take it. lol

    Nice combination! Did you also try it with the cloak of the dove, by chance?

  5. thanks girls! :)

    i tried white-dyed cloak of the dove (it was my first choice tbh :)), but i just didn't dye as bright white as i wanted. and the hood rolled in the back (of hoodless cloak version) was a little too much for this little hobbit's outfit. however, for an elf it might be a better choice (although not that sparkling :)).

  6. Absolutely lovely! That would make a nice bridal outfit as well.

  7. actually i'm currently wearing this on my human lore-master - we move in combo with my fiance's LM ( so we look like bride & groom from heaven & hell, or beauty and the beast maybe :))

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