Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest: Lachwen of Landroval


Lachwen Shimmerlight is flashy, colorful, explosive, and loud - if she had a theme song, it would probably be "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett. She sparkles with her rune-keeper fireworks (that sometimes hurt, if you're on the enemy side) and wears the "rainbow in a blue sky"-inspired outfit, with just a hint of Athenian warrior-goddess in the form of a winged circlet.

Chest: Tattered Dwarf-Make Short Cloth Robe, navy dye (Quest: Elf introduction)
Head: Winged Circlet, default dye (Skirmish vendor)
Shoulders: Thinglaer's Shoulderpads, rose dye (Quest: Hallowed Ground)
Hands: Vorth-Mundar, purple dye (Quest: Goblins in the Valley)
Boots: Breelander Leather Boots, purple dye (Store)
Satchel: Dragon-Wing Satchel, default dye (Store)
Back: Cloak of the DragonFly, red dye (Store)


  1. I like!
    Even though i was never really fond of the Dragonfly cloak, there's something strangely appealing in this peacocky setup. Not that i'd like to have one such myself but it's good to look at it :)

    The one queer element which strikes my eyes are the shoulderpads. It's possibly the worst light shoulders design in the game, could be easily replaced with something better (*anything* is better, really). If someone's adamant on getting these looks, there many and more pieces with the same; Quilted and Linen crafted sets come to my mind.

    In any case, i think this is the best outfit on the site in months, shimmering (see what i did there? :)) originality and boldness.


  2. Also of note: The padded cloth variety as sold bij armour smith of level 26 and over (Ost Forod, Aughaire) are light green for males and orange for females. The ones under level 26 are all orange. I got betrayed one day as I had checked the vendor with my male champ and wanted to buy the green ones for my female elf. When i went back to get them with my elf the vendor only had orange ones! But at least the orange ones make for a colourful outfit indeed!

  3. quite frankly, i love those shoulders! :D they kind of complete the beautifully crazy feeling of this outfit.

    if there's something i think could be replaced, it's the robe. i somehow never managed to like the started robes. but it's all a matter of taste - everyone likes different styles :)

    overall, this is really a great outfit! :)

  4. Very colourful :D

    Not that she needs it, but she might want it - that winged circlet can be dyed too. Perhaps in a nice sunny yellow? ;)


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