Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wolf friend


In the hall of the slain
Valkyries and heroes attend me
Ravens and wolves at my side
Forever they did befriend me...
Odin lyrics (Manowar)
This warden is truly determined to go through Ragnarök to protect his allies. He is friend with natural forces and never hesitates to jump right into the middle of battle, now matter how fierce or dangerous. So let the Valkyries fly and unleash the fury of war, because this warrior is ready!

Two days ago we had a Hammerfall reference, now I chose Manowar to celebrate the nothern mythology background I gave this character :)

Chest: Campaigner's Armour, umber dye (T5 crafted)
Legs: Sturdy Westernesse Leather Leggings, umber dye (T5 crafted)
Shoulders: Westernesse Shoulder Guards, umber dye (T4 crafted)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets, umber dye (Medium armourer in Thorin's Hall)
Feet: Superb Campaigner's Shoes, umber dye (T5 crafted)
Back: Cloak of the Mountain Wolves, default dye (Store)


  1. I never noticed that cloak before in the store. Very nice!

    Thanks for the great roundtable yesterday. I really enjoyed hearing your voices and your perspectives on outfitting.

  2. thanks especially for joining us in chat lydia, you should've been in the discussion also. you have so many wonderful ideas especially for low level outfits looking beautiful, i love your blog also!


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