Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest: Tyranna of Gilrain


Some hobbits are happy in private life, others are successful in business. It's rarely seen that somebody has luck in both. Well, Tyranna is one of these rare cases - she's just one happy-go-lucky friendly gambler. One day she bathes in shiny coins, other day she strolls woods and mines with her devoted fellows on the hunt. She tends to risk a lot - let's just mention leaving her home in Shire - but so far the risk has proven great. Gambling pays off! :)

Chest: Long-Sleeved Spring-Flinger's Hauberk, purple dye (Spring festival)
Head: Dungeon-Crawler's Hood, purple dye (Mirkwood level 65 burglar purple set)
Shoulders: Dungeon-Crawler's Shoulders, purple dye (Mirkwood level 65 burglar purple set)
Back: Elk-Hunters pack, purple dye (Store)

1 comment:

  1. this is the most beautiful hobbit girl burglar outfit I've ever seen! :)


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